“Sewing Hope for Armenia” is reviving the Armenian textile

Laura Balayan de Sewing for Armenia

« Sewing Hope for Armenia is reviving the Armenian textile Industry by bringing back into production authentic Armenian weave patterns » Since 2020, Sewing Hope for Armenia has been working to help war widows and refugee families in Artsakh, offering them a vocation and an honorable, sustainable craft to make traditional Armenian fabric, fashion and home accessories. Our collection can be viewed on www.sewinghopearmenia.com. In the face of the brutal attacks on the Armenian people and culture, human and cultural survival are at the heart of our project. That's why,…

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Armenian national youth forum to be held in yerevan this august

Armenian National Youth Forum

This year, the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs will hold a first-of-its-kind Armenian National Youth Forum from August 1st to 3rd in Yerevan, Armenia. The Forum will gather 450 youth ages 18 to 35 from the Diaspora, Armenia, and Artsakh to engage them in Armenia’s development, connect them with one another, and empower them to expand their work and impact in their communities.  For Youth, By Youth. The Forum will be interactive, empowering, and engaging, with an agenda comprising panel and round table discussions, presentations, networking opportunities,…

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How Artsakh’s women are coping two years after tragedy and loss By Anush Ghavalyan

Almost two years after the 44-day war, the Armenians of Artsakh are trying to restore their lives, even as challenges persist. Despite bearing the heaviest burdens of war and insecurity, women are instrumental in caring and providing for their families and rehabilitating the post-war society. Two years later, the challenges people face in this little-known corner of the Caucasus are only multiplying. The November 2020 trilateral agreement to end the hostilities signed by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia redrew the map of the region, displacing thousands and making an uncertain future…

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CHENE Association : Support for Armenia and Artsakh


Support for Armenia and Artsakh Since September 13, 2022, Azerbaijan has been carrying out a large-scale aggression on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia. In defiance of all international law and without fear of sanctions, the expansionist and pan-Turkist policy of Azerbaijan and its ally, Turkey, has therefore reached a new level in the weakening of Armenia. Conscious, since the first war in Artsakh, of the existential stakes of the delimitation and the defense of the territory, the association CHÉNE was formed with the aim of bringing its…

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Artsakh (Haut-Karabagh) (4) : war !

Flag of Artsakh

MONTH : AUGUST 2022. On Wednesday August 3, 2022 the Azerbaijani armed forces, violating the tripartite agreements of November 9, 2020, is carrying out military aggression in the area of ​​responsibility of Russian peacekeeping troops. Azerbaijani forces use Bayraktars TB2 combat drones to strike permanent positions of the Artsakh Defense Army at points on the line of contact, bringing this new escalation to a level unprecedented since the establishment of the ceasefire -fire of November 2020. The toll of this new aggression is two dead and nineteen injured on the…

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(3) La déclaration de Vladimir Poutine (1), l’agression de l’armée d’Azerbaïdjan & l’objectif de R.T. Erdogan

 La déclaration du président Poutine (NHM 1) est  probablement basée sur des informations, sur une analyse, mais les déclarations de Devlet Bahçeli (prononcer Baghtchéli), chef du Parti d’action nationaliste turc, « l'annexion du Nakhitchevan à la République d'Azerbaïdjan est une question historique, obligatoire et de vie ou de mort », signifient que la question du Nakhitchevan  est à l’ordre du jour pour des responsables turcs. Il semble que les Russes aient envisagé cette possibilité, car sans un objectif d'une telle ampleur, la présence planifiée à grande échelle de la Turquie dans les développements actuels…

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