“Sewing Hope for Armenia” is reviving the Armenian textile

Laura Balayan de Sewing for Armenia

Sewing Hope for Armenia

« Sewing Hope for Armenia is reviving the Armenian textile Industry by bringing back into production authentic Armenian weave patterns »

Sewing Hope for ArmeniaSince 2020, Sewing Hope for Armenia has been working to help war widows and refugee families in Artsakh, offering them a vocation and an honorable, sustainable craft to make traditional Armenian fabric, fashion and home accessories. Our collection can be viewed on www.sewinghopearmenia.com.

In the face of the brutal attacks on the Armenian people and culture, human and cultural survival are at the heart of our project. That's why, in collaboration with private and public sector partners in Armenia and abroad, the Sewing Hope for Armenia project team is working on a major revival of the Armenian textile industry and the creation of textile-related industries and jobs..


Sewing Hope for Armenia

An article has been published to this effect (https://sewinghopearmenia.com/blog/sewing-hope-for-armenia-is-reviving-the-armenian-textile-industry-by-bringing-back-into-production-authentic-armenian-weave-patterns/) which we would be honored to reproduce on your platform or website, not only to raise our profile, but also to encourage many others to get involved in this important work..

To guarantee the authenticity and durability of the weaving used, we have worked closely with experts in the field to create a collection that is 100% Armenian, whereas many weavers who call themselves "Armenian" are of Turkish or Azerbaijani origin. Our collection is on sale, by the roll, at https://sewinghopearmenia.com/product-category/cloth/.

United, we can help Armenia, its People and its Culture.

Sewing Hope for ArmeniaSome creations

Download the official communication in English below:

Sewing Hope for Armenia en PDF

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Sewing Hope for Armenia


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