Sassounian’s column of June 8, 2023: Advice to Aliyev

Harout Sassounian

By Harut Sassounian Éditeur, The California Courier Even though Azerbaijan, with the help of Turkish and Israeli weapons and hired Islamic terrorists, won the 2020 Artsakh War, Pres. Aliyev has been destroying his country’s international reputation. With his barbaric actions during and since the war, Aliyev has undermined the interests of Azerbaijan. As a result, he has made himself a hated pariah and the laughing stock of the entire world. While Russia is cuddling him for its own political interests, the West is tolerating him to benefit from Azerbaijan’s…

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Children of Armenian Fund: Armenia’s future hinges on our ability to prepare for it

COAF - Children of Armenian Fund - 09-2022

On September 13th, Azerbaijan unleashed a worrying streak of military attacks against Armenia, costing the lives of hundreds of Armenians and producing a humanitarian disaster of destabilizing dimensions. Three weeks after the incursion—with Azerbaijan's shelling of civilian targets continuing and the death toll still rising—it has become clear that the restoration of Armenia's security depends entirely and exclusively on us. Therefore, we must stand our ground, with integrity and conviction, amid these difficult and challenging circumstances and continue to prepare the future of Armenia and Armenian children, at a time…

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How Artsakh’s women are coping two years after tragedy and loss By Anush Ghavalyan

Almost two years after the 44-day war, the Armenians of Artsakh are trying to restore their lives, even as challenges persist. Despite bearing the heaviest burdens of war and insecurity, women are instrumental in caring and providing for their families and rehabilitating the post-war society. Two years later, the challenges people face in this little-known corner of the Caucasus are only multiplying. The November 2020 trilateral agreement to end the hostilities signed by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia redrew the map of the region, displacing thousands and making an uncertain future…

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Armenia as seen by Entreprendre magazine

Entreprendre : L’Arménie seule au monde, face à l’Azerbaïdjan et à la Turquie

On the night of September 12 and 13, Azerbaijan shelled several positions in eastern and southeastern Armenia. Armenia is responding somehow. Azerbaijan has gained ground. In all, nearly 500 dead on both sides, including villagers. After the declarations of the UN, the European Union, France, the Vatican, and other countries, for a call for a ceasefire, and, apart from any condemnation of the Azeri invasion, Azerbaijan and Turkey are massing their troops to invade eastern and southern Armenia. Shedding light on an imminent invasion for Armenia, facing the rest of…

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Kéghart : Diplomatic Failures

Keghart 25 septembre 2022   Diplomatic Failures Prelude Further Losses -The latest Azerbaijani invasion on the sovereign territories of the Republic of Armenia (RoA) on September 13 revealed new realities in the South Caucasus. September 15, 2022…….. – First of all, he highlighted the unprecedented decline of the Russia – RoA relationship ……….. – The second reality is that the United States shows a greater interest in the South Caucasus, but it is not willing to get directly involved in the management of conflicts in the region…….. … – The third…

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