Children of Armenian Fund: Armenia’s future hinges on our ability to prepare for it

COAF - Children of Armenian Fund - 09-2022

COAF - Children of Armenian Fund

On September 13th, Azerbaijan unleashed a worrying streak of military attacks against Armenia, costing the lives of hundreds of Armenians and producing a humanitarian disaster of destabilizing dimensions. Three weeks after the incursion—with Azerbaijan's shelling of civilian targets continuing and the death toll still rising—it has become clear that the restoration of Armenia's security depends entirely and exclusively on us. Therefore, we must stand our ground, with integrity and conviction, amid these difficult and challenging circumstances and continue to prepare the future of Armenia and Armenian children, at a time when it is almost impossible to imagine one.

COAF - Children of Armenian Fund - 09-2022

Here’s your monthly reminder that even in uncertain times, there is—and will continue to be—progress in Armenia.

Safeguarding Education

We’re happy to share that our education programs at the COAF SMART Center in Lori Province continue to offer 1,500+ rural youth the opportunity to learn, develop, and grow in a safe and stable environment. By supporting our Back To School appeal, you can help us extend the same prospects to hundreds of children across the Armavir and Aragatsotn regions. This initiative will offer rural kids vital access to various arts, sports, and STEM education programs.


Meanwhile, in Armavir

Our second SMART Center is gradually taking shape, bringing us one step closer to our goal of extending high-quality education nationwide. After winning COAF’s architectural competition this summer, the renowned Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza made his first official visit to Armenia to get acquainted with the country and merge the new building’s architecture with its natural environment.


More Opportunities for Small Farmers

This September, we joined forces with the Lithuanian Embassy (for the third time in two years!) to kickstart the "Beekeeping to Empower Economic Systems" project. This initiative will secure sustainable employment opportunities for small-scale honey producers and improve the quality of honey production in Lori, strengthening the competitiveness of rural businesses. If you would like to support this economic development initiative, click here.

A Starmus Day at SMART

Finally, our Starmus festivities brought 1,000+ people from Armenia and abroad to the SMART Center in Lori's countryside. The event offered village youth and their families, who would have otherwise been deprived of experiencing this international festival, the opportunity to discuss astronomy and space with esteemed figures of the science world and enjoy live entertainment. The festival highlights our obligation to allot more attention to rural citizens and ensure they don't fall by the wayside in good times and in bad.



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