Thé à la menthe ou thé citron ?


When times get tough, it’s important to conjure the ancient art of chilling. One way we Armenians like to chill is through herbal tea. Wild herbs have been a part of life in the Armenian Highland for millennia. But never have they been combined with relaxing, full-spectrum CBD.

We’re proud to be bringing you the No 36° Blend, CBD-Infused Organic Armenian White Mint Tea, in collaboration with Good Company Tea. This aromatic blend of herbs and flowers is non-psychoactive, caffeine free and ideal for any time of day. 

Responsibly sourced from villages hardest hit by Armenia’s economic struggle post-independence, 30% of sales of the No 36° Blend will support our efforts to promote fair trade employment in Armenia. 

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We hope you enjoy this delight of the Highland, brought into the present moment for your well-being. US shipping only. For information on CBD and CBD products, visit Good Company Tea.


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