Lara Heller, a multi-faceted actress gives herself up for Nouvel Hay and reveals her talent

Lara Heller, a multi-faceted actress gives herself up for Nouvel Hay and reveals her talent

Lara Heller sur le Red Carpet

Lara Heller enjoys working on independent films, since they deal with interesting and moving subjects. She is convinced that cinema is an extraordinary medium that can both entertain but also inform the public with emotion and memory: « Cinema is well suited to highlight forgotten, tragic or suppressed events ».

Médaille du centenaire du génocide des arméniensIt takes a lot of courage, time, money, energy and creativity to produce a film like "The Cut". After the premiere of the film in London, Lara was deeply touched when an Armenian foundation presented her with the Armenian Genocide Centenary Medal:  « I am very proud of it, and I will never forget it » she said.Lara dans The Cut

She feels exceptionally privileged to have been chosen by Turkish filmmaker Fatih Akin for a role in such an important film and looks forward to working on other equally memorable productions in the future.

Often cast for her ability to interpret a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, she enjoys the challenges presented by mastering accents and dialects. A testament to her talent is the way Lara meticulously researches the linguistic variations of her role before accepting it, and works closely with both nationals of the region she represents and vocal coaches: « I like to master new accents as much as possible while studying body language and its variations from country to country, while respecting the culture ».

Lara has a diverse background, having traveled extensively in the past, she has lived in many countries. This has given her the opportunity to be fully immersed in many different cultures and languages.

Lara enjoys playing many different sports and was a professional figure skater for thirteen years.Lara Heller

Her hobbies are varied as she skis, wakeboards, swims, surfs, skates and learns martial arts. Body and mind are very important to her : « I like to have a fit mind and body » she said. Lara's last action movie was "Welcome To Curiosity" and highlights her interest in the art of combat.

"Breaking The Bank" is one of her new films that she shot and is about the story of Sir Charles Banbury (Kelsey Grammer) as he tries to save his family's bank. We can appreciate her humorous and subtle side in the role of Stephanie Agincourt.

His professional career did not prevent him from earning a law degree from the London School of Economics and comments « I want to clearly understand the types of contracts I sign », she smiles.

Lara's most recent film is "Ben Hur" in which she plays a brave warrior named Lucia who is forced to fight for her life. Lara's passion for sports is not a legend as she demonstrates her equestrian and archery competitions as shown in the photo below.

Lara Heller dans Ben Hur

Lara in action in the movie


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