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CHENE Association : Support for Armenia and Artsakh

Support for Armenia and Artsakh

Since September 13, 2022, Azerbaijan has been carrying out a large-scale aggression on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia. In defiance of all international law and without fear of sanctions, the expansionist and pan-Turkist policy of Azerbaijan and its ally, Turkey, has therefore reached a new level in the weakening of Armenia.

Conscious, since the first war in Artsakh, of the existential stakes of the delimitation and the defense of the territory, the association CHÉNE was formed with the aim of bringing its support to the populations of the border areas through the construction or the rehabilitation of houses or collective equipment, the development of the socio-economic fabric and, generally, by the implementation of any action allowing the maintenance, or even the resettlement of the populations on the spot.

Today and more than ever, Armenia is in great danger. It fights legitimately to defend its existence and its territorial integrity.

To support Armenia in this period when its survival is painfully engaged, we need you.

You can send us your donations by mail (CHENE France – 24, rue de Maubeuge 75009 PARIS) or via our website https://www.chene-france.org by clicking on the "Make a donation" button.

Maubeuge street 24th
Paris 75009
E-mail : contact@chene-france.org