L’hommage de Cyril Brillant , ex-directeur export Disques Barclay, à Charles Aznavour

"Dear Friends,
You may have heard that one of our main Barclay artists and great world intertainner, Charles AZNAVOUR, passed away in his house in South of France. He was 94 years old.(Born in Paris May 22nd 1924)
After having been travelling thoughout the world singing in different languages he didn't want to stop his career. But the age and declining health decided for him. 
La France decided to favour him with the highest grade funarals devoted only to important people of the french Republique: La Cour d'honneur des Invalides which will take place on Friday October the 5th in the morning in the presence of the president of France Emmanuel Macron.
It was for me a great honnor to work with him as Barclay Records international Officer.
Yours very faithfully"
Cyril Brillant

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