MIPTV, Canneseries 2024: 3 Shows You Don’t Want to Miss – 135 exhibitors attended for MIPTV this April in Cannes

MIPTV Cannes series

MIPTV 2024, the world's leading market for TV and digital content, brought an array of new series and industry insights to the forefront, highlighting the latest trends and innovations in the entertainment world and captivating both buyers and distributors. The event, held annually in Cannes, France, served as a pivotal gathering for content creators, distributors, and broadcasters from around the globe to showcase their latest projects and forge new partnerships. Among the highlights were premieres and showcases of new dramas and series from around the world that were coming onto the market – or screened at the parallel Canneseries TV festival to pique buyers’ interest.

Here are Nouvel Hay’s recommendations for top 3 shows to help you sort through the slate:

1) "Máxima” – Beta Film's presentation stood out with 20 titles of new and returning dramas, including the captivating biographical series "Máxima," which follows the life of the future Queen of the Netherlands from her early days in Argentina​.  RTL Netherlands' Videoland already started streaming the television series on April 20. The show focuses on Máxima's life after her 2002 marriage to Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, who later became King Willem-Alexander. The book “Máxima Zorreguieta: Motherland” by Marcia Luyten serves as the basis for the drama.  The global premier screening was held on April 9 during Canneseries 2024 and Delfina Chaves (Máxima), and Martijn Lakemeier (Willem-Alexander) walked the pink carpet together.

Maxima Official Trailer

Maxima Cast Interview

2) “Franklin” – The Canneseries closing ceremony was held on April 10, 2024 followed by one of the most anticipated series "Franklin," produced by ITV Studios America for Apple TV+, and stars Michael Douglas as the US founding father Benjamin Franklin. The series delves into Franklin's mission to France in 1776, promising a blend of historical drama and great production value​. Michael Douglas showed up in Cannes to promote his new series and attended the world premier screening at the Palais. You may watch "Franklin" on Apple TV+ right now.

3) “Kafka” – At MIPTV 2024, the ORF's (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) original series "Kafka" made waves promising a deep dive into Franz Kafka's life and literature. Directed by David Schalko and written by Daniel Kehlmann, the meticulously crafted six-part series explores Kafka's complex relationships, including those with his father, friends like Max Brod, and romantic interests like Felice Bauer and Milena Jesenská. With Joel Basman in the lead role, the casting has been praised for its excellence, enhancing the portrayal of Kafka's world. Produced by Superfilm in collaboration with ARD and ORF, and distributed internationally by ORF-Enterprise, "Kafka" captures the essence of Kafka's era through its production journey across Austria. Showcased at the Berlinale Series Market 2024, the series has garnered attention for its innovative storytelling and character studies, positioning it as a standout in both literary and visual realms.

Report from Cannes by Sachiko Motomura


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