May Magic at the COAF SMART Center !

May Magic at the COAF SMART Center!

COAF - Children of Armenian Fund

May Magic at the COAF SMART Center!

Spring has ushered in a series of extraordinary moments. We celebrated the fifth anniversary of the COAF SMART Center in Lori, an emblem of transformative impact. Additionally, we had the distinct honor of hosting esteemed guests from China at the SMART Center, a testament to the ability of education to bridge nations. And there's more! Read on to discover more highlights and inspiring stories.

Celebrating 5 Years of SMART !

This month, we celebrated a significant milestone—the establishment of the COAF SMART Center in Lori on May 27, 2018! This innovative Center has become a beacon of hope for the 28 communities served throughout Lori, positively impacting over 4,000 students to date! Currently, the Center provides access to 18 diverse afterschool programs, empowering more than 1,500 youth every week and enabling their growth academically, emotionally and physically. 

We are thrilled to announce plans are underway to establish this successful model in four additional regions across Armenia over the coming years. Soon, youth from Armavir, Shirak, and Syunik will have the opportunity to experience the life-changing impact of these Centers.

Meet Nvard: A SMART Student with an Artistic Knack

May Magic at the COAF SMART Center!We'd like to shine a spotlight on one of our incredible SMART students, Nvard Petrosyan! Nvard has been part of the SMART Center since 2019, and she's truly an embodiment of what it means to be a SMART student. She's a multi-talented individual who has delved into a wide variety of SMART afterschool programs, ranging from Performing Arts and Sound Design to Chinese and English classes, Programming, and Digital Drawing. Each program has nurtured a different side of her, but her true passion lies in art. Nvard has big ambitions and a promising future ahead of her, but she knows deep down that her roots will always bring her back to the cradle of Lori's mountains. We can't wait to see what amazing things Nvard will create in the future !



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