“Krik” : un rôle majeur dans le projet Manhattan qui produisit la 1ère bombe nucléaire


Nerses Krikorian was four years old when he first stepped on U.S. soil. Born on the side of a Turkish road in 1921 as his parents were fleeing the Armenian Genocide, his family spent the next four years moving from country to country with only the bare clothes on their backs. On the way, his brother was born in Aleppo, Syria.

Canada became their final refuge. The family finally found its American home in Niagara Falls, NY when Krik was four, his father becoming a factory worker, and his mother a homemaker giving birth to his youngest brother.

He remembered many years later, that all that moving from place to place was a “tortured way of living, because you don’t belong anywhere.”

A Famed Scientist and Analyst

With such bleak beginnings, Nerses “Krik” Krikorian’s future seemed anything but promising. From age 4 to 96 when he died in Los Alamos, New Mexico, his story is anything if not amazing. He was one of the most famed scientists and intelligence analysts in America, having been a major player on the Los Alamos Manhattan Project which eventually created the first nuclear weapon….

source : Massis

Le projet Manhattan : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projet_Manhattan


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