Le sénat US reporte la nomination de l’ambassadeur US à Bakou (Azerbaïdjan)


Le Comité des Affaires etrangères du Sénat US a reporté son vote sur la nomination de l'ambassadeur américain à Bakou en Azerbaïdjan. 

Ce report est motivé par l'appel à la vente d'armes à un pays dont l'administration et le gouvernement sont de plus en plus agressifs sous la conduite du pdt Alyev.

In a move welcomed by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), the Senate Foreign Relations Committee postponed a vote on President Trump's nomination of Earle Litzenberger to serve as Ambassador to Azerbaijan – amid growing concerns across Capitol Hill over a recent call by National Security Advisor John Bolton for U.S. arms sales to the increasingly reckless and aggressive Aliyev regime. Mr. Litzenberger was the only one of 19 ambassadorial nominations to be postponed, very likely until next year, when the panel will hold its next business meeting. "We welcome this opportunity for more careful Congressional oversight of our country's increasingly challenging bilateral ties with Azerbaijan's aggressive and abusive Aliyev regime, particularly in light of National Security Advisor John Bolton's controversial suggestion that the U.S. start selling arms to Baku," said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. "We join with our Senate friends in seeking greater clarity on this point, and, more generally, regarding the Administration's policy on Aliyev's worsening pattern of aggression against Artsakh and Armenia, incitement of hatred against all Armenians, unapologetic blacklisting of U.S. legislators, obstruction of the Royce-Engel peace proposals, threats to shoot down civilian aircraft, the destruction of the Djulfa cemetery and other Christian heritage sites, and – of course – his severe crackdown against domestic dissidents and ethnic-religious minorities."

source : ANCA


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