Hors des sentiers battus : Hadjin


by Nora Sarafian-Tachjian, is titled The Hadjin Dialect and its Characteristics.


A few months ago, we published a webpage that included a conversation in the Hadjin dialect, as well as testimonials regarding the dialect‘s history. Now we are releasing a scientific analysis of the dialect, which examines its phonetic structure, declension of nouns, conjugation of verbs, etc.




Armenian women from Hadjin (Source: Houri Ellezian collection. Courtesy of Antranik Dakessian)


The article also includes two full conversations in the Hadjin dialect.


The study of Western Armenian dialects, scientific investigations into their origins and characteristics, and recordings of Armenians speaking their native dialects are crucial in our efforts to revive and preserve the historical legacy of Ottoman Armenians.


Our readers, too, can contribute to our work by sending us recordings (either audio or video) in any Western Armenian dialect.


The link to our new article on the Hadjin dialect:



The link to our previous article on the Hadjin dialect:


The article was translated into English and Turkish respectively by Simon Beugekian and Sevan Deirmendjian.


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