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Photos de Césarée (Kayseri en turc, Guésaria en arménien )

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Des photos de Kayseri en Turquie (Guéssaria en arménien, Césarée en français)

ODA | Kitabjian collection – Los Angeles

The Kitabjian family hailed from Kayseri/Gesaria. Members of the family were well-known jewelers and silversmiths in their native city.
The family’s history and memories were preserved thanks to the efforts of Krikor/Gregory Ketabgian, who published a book several years ago dedicated to his family’s past.
This page presents many items that belonged to the family, and which are currently in the possession of Gregory Ketabgian and other relations. These include photographs, objects, and documents. The family photographs begin in Kayseri, then chronicle the family’s life in Aleppo, where the Kitabjians who survived the Genocide found refuge. This branch of the family spent the summers in the village of Bitias in Musa Dagh. As a result, this page also includes several photographs of summer excursions in Bitias.
To view the full page, please follow the link below:
The article was translated into English and Turkish respectively by Chaghig Chahinian-Arzrouni and Arlet İncidüzen.



We would like to thank Gregory Ketabgian for his help in preparing this page. We would also like to express our special gratitude to Joel Veldkamp for his assistance.

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