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Diyarbékir c’est Dikranaguerd

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An avenue in Diclekent, a recent residential section 40-minutes distant from central Diyarbakir. Middle class families desiring to get away from the congestion, theft and ill-kept streets of central Diyarbakir are the principal inhabitants of Diclekent. 

Our newest article is dedicated to the familial and religious customs and traditions of Diyarbekir/Dikranagerd Armenians.
Daily life, regular celebrations, visiting potential brides, khosgabs, betrothals, marriages, dowry, childbirth, baptism, death and burial… Then back to childbirth again. The entire life cycle of Diyarbekir Armenians is presented in detail by the author, Sonia Tashjian.
The article includes many photographs that enrich and illustrate the material presented.









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The article was translated into English and Turkish respectively by Simon Beugekian and Sevan Deirmendjian.

This page is published in cooperation with PROJECT SAVE, Armenian Photograph Archives, Watertown, MA.

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