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Situation d’anticipation par Harout Der Tavitian , responsable du parti Hentchak

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In the history of nations, one year is an instant. But for the generations living through that year, it may seem even longer than a year, especially when it immediately follows a revolution in the country. Infected by the revolutionary obsession, people become impatient and expect immediate results. We noticed such an exuberant feeling when we visited Armenia in July of last year. However, when we visited Armenia again in July of this year, that exuberant feeling was replaced by an anticipatory and watchful feeling. That is quite natural to expect. However, the problem lies in the duration of this “wait and see” anticipatory situation. How long it can last and where it may take us will depend on the performance of the people who carried out the revolution, on their ability to convey and communicate it to a wide range of people and to convince them.

While the revolutionaries are engaged in their work, those negatively affected by the revolution will do their utmost to hinder and disrupt their activities. This fact was clearly visible during our stay. It is worth mentioning some of the major points of their criticisms. Representatives of the old regime were criticizing the youth and inexperience of the new regime, the alleged role of foreign powers in bringing them to power and hence their dependence on them, their lack of national orientation, etc.

So, the o……

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