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Tourisme au village d’Areni en Arménie

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Picture it: a cold glass of fine Armenian wine, followed by a khachkar carving lesson, all while surrounded by stunning nature, new friends, and good vibes. Now stop picturing it and book a ticket to our DRINK IN THE SUN tour to actually experience it! 


We’re taking a group of Armenian wine enthusiasts to the Momik WineCube in Areni village this summer. What’s a WineCube, you ask? It’s a tasting room our community helped build, to give a local wine-making family the ability to become key players in the growing wine industry.

You’ll be the first to know how we’re making Armenia the newest and coolest destination for wine tourism on this day-long excursion. Ready to drink wine and soak in the Armenian sun with us? Hurry, there are only 23 spots available!

Pricing details: 39 USD per person, including transportation to and from Yerevan. 42% of each ticket sale will support our organization’s operations.

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source : OneArmenia

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