Belmont , Ma : futur quartier général pour NAASR


The Diaspora

NAASR Vartan Gregorian Armenian Center
Belmont, Massachusetts

Cultural preservation has a unique meaning for a nation whose people are scattered across the globe. For the Armenian Diaspora, their rich, 3,000-year-old history is both a foundation for cultural unity and a gateway for cultural evolution. Over the past six decades, the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) has advanced this cultural project by encouraging scholars and the Armenian community to explore the narratives informing their heritage, many of which are housed in the headquarters’ renowned library.

The modern-day importance of the library’s ancient texts is a reminder that Armenian heritage is not isolated in the past; instead, it permeates the cultural present and enriches its future. Due to their growing collection of texts, community events, and expanding outreach efforts, NAASR chose to renovate their headquarters to ensure that their already-established global hub of cultural activity would have the flexibility to adapt over time and the increased visibility to continue to protect the tangible aspects of Armenian cultural identity. Both through the building design and the narratives it shelters, NAASR will invite modern users to connect with their past while finding inspiration for their next steps.










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