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Gala inaugural de la Fondation Impact Culturel (CIF) le 7 sept. 2018 à partir de 6h30 pm

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CIF aide les projets culturels qui améliorent la compréhension d'événements culturels et met en lumière la générosité et l'héroïsme humains face à l'adversité . Les 2 premiers projets sont "Titanic Love" & "Bloodless" (sans verser le sang).

LOS ANGELES — The Board of Directors of Cultural Impact Foundation, Inc. (CIF) cordially invites you to its Inaugural Gala at the Taglyan Cultural Complex in Hollywood, California on September 7th, 2018. CIF is a non-profit foundation established in 2017 which commissions and supports unique cultural projects that improve the understanding of historical events, and reveal acts of human kindness and heroism in the face of adversity.

Our first two projects are “Titanic Love” and “Bloodless”. “Titanic Love” is a documentary film that tells the powerful story of Armenian passengers who set sail for the US aboard the RMS Titanic to escape the massacres in their homeland.

“Bloodless” tells the story of the successful and peaceful revolution that took place in Armenia in the summer of 2018 that was organized and led by Armenia’s youth. In so doing, they have provided the world with a blueprint of how to create sociopolitical change without bloodshed. This was true democracy in action.

CIF has commissioned the production of both projects to four-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Bared Maronian.

“This exclusive gala is being meticulously planned and executed by a team of community leaders and proponents of Armenian causes” said the Chairwoman of the Gala, Kohar Mardirossian Pelter. The team members include Dr. Anait Alabyan, Nayiri Attarian, Liza Bagamian, Lena Basmajian, Hasmig Demirdjian, Anoush Sarkisyan, and CIF executive board members, Dr. Hrair Koutnouyan and Kohar Mardirossian Pelter.

Cocktails begin at 6:30 p.m. and includes a musical performance by flute and harp duo, Salpy and Sossy Kerkonian, and a surprise appearance by an international celebrity. A dinner reception will follow with a presentation by Bared Maronian on his two upcoming film projects. This will be followed with live entertainment by Allen G. and dancing. Throughout the evening, you will get the chance to bid on extraordinary and rare LIVE auction items.

Sponsorship packages and individual donation opportunities are available. Exclusive recognition opportunity is available in the program book as well as pre- and post-event coverage. Customized packages expand to “day-of event signage”, as well as national exposure on the CIF website. All proceeds from the event will benefit the production of the documentaries, Bloodless and Titanic Love.

For additional details about the gala, sponsorships and tickets, please contact 818-439-1358 or email

Tickets are also available on

To know more about Cultural Impact Foundation, please visit us at

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