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Jivan Avetisyan : une carrière déjà bien remplie

Jivan Avetisyan  a une carrière déjà bien remplie et est un habitué du Festival de Cannes . Il est venu cette année avec Hasmik Avetisyan (pas de lien de parenté) qui le seconde dans toute sa vie artistique .

L'opus qu'il nous avait présenté l'année dernière " Gate To Heaven" (en anglais, 90 minutes ) est en post-production 

Son nouveau film "Kaléidoscope " fait l'objet d'un grand mystère : il ne veut pratiquement en révéler pas grand-chose;

("Drama – Development 2020

An orphan seeking to return to his roots; a beloved makes a pilgrimage; a son loses his eyesight; a blind man overcomes his challenges")

Il remercie Shushanik Merdzakhanian , directrice du CNC d' Arménie pour l'aide qu'elle lui a apportée.

Jivan Avetisyan a montré son oeuvre aux USA, au Canada , en Allemagne, en Lithuanie, en Russie, en Italie et en Grande-Bretagne . Il lance un appel à la France pour qu'elle diffuse ses films .

email perso : givanchir@gmail.com

email de la prod.: fisheyeart.foundation@gmail.com

mobile : 374 (77) 31 62 30

              374 (55) 31 62 30



Jivan Avetisyan was born in Gyumri , grew up in Stepanakert, & lives in Yerevan. 1993–1997 he attended the theater group of the Stepanakert children’s creative center. 

In 1998 Jivan finished the N9 secondary school after Hovhannes Tumanyan in Stepanakert. 1998–1999 he was engaged in film directors courses at the Public Television of Armenia.

1999–2001 he served in the NKR Defense Army with mandatory military service. 2002–2007 he studied at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography in the faculty of Feature Films. 1996–1997 he worked at the Stepanakert Dramatic Theater named after Vahram Papazyan.

From 1998 to 1999 he worked as a lighting specialist at the Stepanakert Television. Later he was the director of the TV programs.

2003–2009 he worked as a director of films and TV programs at Yerkir Media TV company.

From 2009 to 2014 he was the chief director at Yerkir Media. Since 2014 he has been the director of the Fish eye Art Cultural Foundation.

  • Presentation-seminar of “Directors without Borders” film project at Golden Apricot[1] International Film Festival (2006. 2007, 2013)
  • Tbilisi War and Peace Reporting Institute, “War and the Press” practical training and contest (2009)
  • In 2005 he took part in the “I am” international youth festival in Yerevan with the film “Towards the wind” and won a diploma
  • Laureate of “The Best Programs of Cooperation” international Festival (Alma-Ata) organized by “Extremes” TV program, “Mir” TV Company
  • With the film "Life Unobserved” he took part in the “Up and Coming” international film festival in Hannover, Germany (2006)
  • Ischia International Film festival with the film “The Dawn is Peaceful in Artshakh”
  • “Oriental Silver” Documentary Film Festival-Market in Jihlava, Czech Republic (2008)
  • From 2007 to 2008 and 2013 with the films “Life Unobserved”, “The Dawn is Peaceful in Artsakh” and “Broken Childhood” he took part in Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Yerevan; for the film “Broken Childhood” was awarded a special prize named after Hrant Matevosyan
  • With the films “Broken Childhood” and “Tevanik”[2] he took part in the 66th Cannes Film Festival, 2013
  • During the Pan-Armenian contest “Best Scientific and Creative Work” of World Armenian Congress and Armenian Union of Russia he was awarded a prize as the Best Screenplay for the film “Life at the Borderline”, 2013


Feature films

Year Title
1999 My first love
2001 Illusion
2006 Life Unobserved
2007 The Dawn is peaceful in Artsakh
2010 Dream Found
2013 Broken Childhood
2014 Tevanik
2016 The Last Inhabitant[3][4]

Documentary films

Year Title
2004 Towards the Wind
2005 Along the Paths of One's Own History
2009 Veiled Armenians
2009 Promotion films
2009 Wick filled with Smoke
2010 Protocol Trap
2010 Vital Movements
2010 Quartered Cross
2010 Divided Couple
2010 Saved Fraction
2010 Enemy Hammer
2011 Armenians from Mrav to Araks River
2011 Karabakh a Hidden Treasure
2012 Road to …

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