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Mon père : ce héros , survivant des camps de Staline , samedi 27 octobre à 5h pm

samedi 27 octobre 2018 à 17 heures (5 pm)

"Mon père , un homme de courage et de persévérance , survivant du goulag de Staline"

Saturday, October 27, 2018, 5:00 p.m. Ararat-Eskijian Museum–Sheen Chapel 15105 Mission Hills Road, Mission Hills, CA
For information about the event, please contact (747) 500-7585 or  eskijian@ararat-eskijian-museum.com. The event will be live-streamed on the Museum’s website and Facebook page. Free Admission & open to the public. A book signing and reception to follow program.
     Please join us for the presentation of Dr. Rubina Peroomian’s new publication My Father: A Man of Courage and Perseverance, a Survivor of Stalin’s Gulag, which will feature remarks by the author as well as readings from the book by UCLA students. Remarks by Prof. Richard Hovannisian's will be shown in a video by Ani Hovannisian.       Peroomian has written the story of her father, Baghdassar (Baghdik) Minasian, who was abducted by the Soviet NKVD from Tabriz, Iran, during the waning years of World War II. The book reconstructs his incarceration, interrogation, and sentence of 10 years hard labor in Siberia from 1944 to 1954, when he was released under the general pardon issued after Stalin’s death to war prisoners and all victims of Stalinist purges. The book contains the English rendering of unfinished memoirs he began to write late in life when he felt himself ready to relive and relate his traumatic experience of the Gulag.      Baghdik returned physically broken, fraught with the effect of years of unspeakable suffering in the notorious Norilsk hard labor camp, but in good spirit. He returned to his family, his “widowed” wife and two orphan girls, to rebuild his own and his family’s shattered life. But not everything went smoothly. He had challenges to overcome as he reintegrated into the society he was forcibly removed from more than a decade before.      Dr. Rubina Peroomian holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from UCLA and has been a lecturer in Armenian language and literature. She is