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A l’université Columbia de New York : Déclin d’un empire , Naissance d’un pays , 18 oct. 7h10 pm

"Before WWI, the Yerevan Province was the only territory in the world where Armenians were the majority. At the turn of the century, the province witnessed rapid advances economically, academically, militarily, and socially. Still not as modern as Tiflis or Baku, Yerevan began taking steps to urbanize and develop its economy. Brandy (cognac) and canned apricot were exported all the way to St. Petersburg. There was a cinema which showed silent movies. Thus, when the Armenian Republic was born it was not created in a vacuum. It was the advances made in the preceding two decades which enabled the nascent republic to run the day-to-day administration…"

"509 Knox Hall,  606 West 122nd St, New York, NY 10027
For questions, email  Prof. Khatchig Mouradian: km3253@columbia.edu

Co-sponsored by:
The Columbia University Armenian Center
and The National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) ──── Moderated by: Marc Mamigonian, NAASR Director  of Academic Affairs