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One Armenia : $ 1 953 509 All Armenian Fund

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Since we paused all our work to focus solely on fundraising for the ArmeniaFund to send vital humanitarian aid to Artsakh, you raised over $1,953,509.

While this is quite a feat for our community, now is not the time to celebrate. Our work in Artsakh and Armenia, and in diaspora communities around the world, is far from over. Azerbaijan and Turkey are not relenting in their genocidal campaign against Artsakh and the Armenian people. But our will to ensure the future prosperity of the Armenian people is unbreakable. Read below the fold for how we’re sending funds raised to the AmeniaFund.

We just raised the cap of our match fund for our fundraiser with Tigran Hamasyan from $200,000 to $400,000. Help us reach our goal by giving if you can, and sharing the fundraiser on Facebook. Here’s the link:

Matching funds for our fundraisers supporting the ArmeniaFund were made in memory of Matios and Zarouhi Kardjian, and thanks to United 4 Artsakh and our organization.


We’ve already sent $198,999 to the ArmeniaFund thanks to your fundraising efforts –

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