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« Nous devons agir maintenant » la fondation Paros

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Photos courtesy of AFP – Aris Messinis
Surprise, Surprise — Not many of us in the Armenian community were surprised to learn that within minutes Azerbaijan for the third time broke the humanitarian ceasefire set to take effect this past Monday morning, which this time was brokered by the United States.  While Azerbaijan and Turkey laugh and snub their noses at the efforts of Russia, Europe and the United States to reach a humanitarian ceasefire, more than 100,000 Armenian civilians are displaced creating a humanitarian crisis and more than 1,000 of our heroes have been martyred defending our homeland.  Azerbaijan's actions combined with Turkey's support cannot go unchecked.
Here is what you must do immediately:

  1. Call both of your US Senators and demand them to support immediate sanctions on Azerbaijan and Turkey and to cut all military assistance to both countries. Recep Erdogan, Turkey's dictator has publicly taunted the US to sanction Turkey! If you have already called your senators, call your friends and family and have them call too. 
    To find your Senator, visit:

  2. Call your US Representative and ask them to support H.Res. 1203 which recognizes the Republic of Artsakh.  Artsakh's recognition by the international community as an independent Country must take place. If you have already called, please call your family and friends and have them call their member of congress too.
    To find your Congressman, visit:

  3. Donate to Armenia Fund.  Armenia and Artsakh are facing a humanitarian crisis because of Azerbaijan's attack.  The onset of winter and spiking Covid-19 numbers only make this situation more dire. Please donate generously.  If you have already donated, please work to raise funds from your family and friends to support the life-saving work of Armenia Fund.  Donate now at
Azerbaijan and Turkey have made it perfectly clear that they intend on fighting until no Armenians are left in Artsakh and possibly even Armenia.  We must continue to rally the 10 million strong diaspora into a new global Armenian army to fight for our right to survive.  Please act now,  again tomorrow, the next day, until Azerbaijan and Turkey agree to allow Armenia and Artsakh to live in peace.  

Making An Impact

The Paros Foundation was launched in 2006 and has implemented more than $8.2 million worth of projects in Armenia through its unique model of philanthropy and community partnership.  These projects are located throughout the country with the majority of work focused in Gyumri and in the Tavush Region, along the border with Azerbaijan.  Thanks to the generous support of the Strauch Kulhanjian Family, all administrative expenses are underwritten, allowing 100% of donor contributions to be allocated in their entirety to the projects. 

We strive to bring Armenia and the Armenian community worldwide closer through our unique model of philanthropy, volunteerism, and service.

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