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L’OTAN doit exclure la Turquie

Le 29/10/2020 | Par | Catégorie: ARCHIVES



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À moi


WE MUST ACT NOW. Here is how you can help: 
1.  Send a note to NATO via email.
Here is pre-filled email template you can use:  

Send NATO an email to eject Turkey
*Remember to sign your name at the bottom


2.  Donate to Armenia Fund.  If you already donated, call someone you know and ask them to donate.
Donate here!


Making An Impact

The Paros Foundation was launched in 2006 and has implemented more than $8.2 million worth of projects in Armenia through its unique model of philanthropy and community partnership.  These projects are located throughout the country with the majority of work focused in Gyumri and in the Tavush Region, along the border with Azerbaijan.  Thanks to the generous support of the Strauch Kulhanjian Family, all administrative expenses are underwritten, allowing 100% of donor contributions to be allocated in their entirety to the projects. 





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