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AYF relance une campagne d’appel aux dons

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We would like to begin this message by thanking all of you for your incredible support of all our fundraising efforts this year as our community has faced a global pandemic and now more recently, a war in our homeland. Our community’s fundraising efforts, among others, have included the “With Our Soldiers'' and “Help Rebuild Armenia’s Border Villages.” These campaigns began after the initiation of Azeri aggression towards our homeland in July and have continued in earnest as Azeri and Turkish forces renewed their attacks on September 27th.

With your support, we have been able to raise tens of thousands of dollars that will be donated directly to our brave soldiers and their families in Artsakh and Armenia, as well as the villages that are still withstanding daily shelling, drone strikes, and bombs.


one nation one struggle

The Central Executive would like to announce that it will be continuing these fundraising initiatives via our Raffle for the Cause Facebook campaign, as the destruction caused by the wanton violence of the Azeri and Turkish regimes continues to wreak havoc on Artsakh and Armenia. Please join the Facebook group and help our community demonstrate that the indomitable spirit of the Armenian people will never be defeated. Both fundraising campaigns are open for donations at any time: With our Soldiers & Border Villages.

In addition to these ongoing active fundraising campaigns, the Central Executive is announcing that the final deadline and the last chance to submit ads for AYF-YOARF Commemorative Adbook of 2020 is November 1st, 2020.

It goes without saying that all of these campaigns would not have seen the success they have without the community’s astounding and unceasing support. It is awe-inspiring to see the engagement of our members, families, friends and colleagues with their devotion to the cause. Again, the AYF-YOARF CE would like to thank each and every one of you. For together, united, we are strong. Together, we will win.

Յաղթելու ենք.

Ընկերական Բարեւներով / Ungeragan Parevnerov,

Հ.Ե.Դ. Ա.Մ.Ն. Արեւելեան Շրջանի Կեդրոնական Վարչութիւն /
AYF-YOARF Central Executive, Eastern Region USA


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