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Sireli Ungerner,

We are sure you have all heard about the recent attacks against Artsakh and hope you all have been doing your part in posting, signing petitions, and spreading the word as much as possible to raise awareness of the ongoing situation.

Ungerner, our homeland is being attacked. There are now nearly 100 Armenian casualties because of Azeri aggression. Our brothers and sisters are risking their lives and sacrificing everything for our homeland. Let’s make sure their efforts are not in vain. Let’s help ensure the survival of our Nation and our people. Let’s act with their spirits and lives in mind.

Please visit and to contact President Trump, former Vice President Biden, your U.S. Senators, and U.S. Representatives to:

1. Condemn Azerbaijan’s unprovoked attack on Artsakh and Armenia
2. Call upon Baku to cease all offensive uses of force
3. End all U.S. military/security aid to Azerbaijan
4. Warn Turkey to stop sending arms and fighters to Baku

All chapters and members are encouraged to donate to the AYF Western Region’s With Our Soldiers program. Please share the following link in all your efforts:

Here are some some updates from Artsakh:

Artsakh Defense Army holds its own in second day of heavy fighting
Turkish Weapons Being Used, Says Artsakh President; Mercenaries Fighting for Azerbaijan
Turkish F-16 shoots down Armenian Su25 jet; Armenian Pilot killed

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Armenian defense ministry spokesperson
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Armenian defense ministry spokesperson
Artsakh President
Armenian United infocenter
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Evn report
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