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Science & Technologie en Arménie : ARPA aide

Le 16/08/2020 | Par | Catégorie: HIGH-TECH

Science and Technology, as well as many other fields in Armenia is lagging behind the international innovations and advancements and help is desperately needed to improve the situation. The ARPA Institute has been actively pursuing the avenue of improving the status for the last 28 years. ARPA Board Members are doing whatever is within their means to help advance science, technology, education health and other areas. Unfortunately, our financial means is not hardly sufficient to address the tremendous needs that the scientists, educators, health care professionals and many others in Armenia have. We would like to appeal to you all to please donate to the ARPA Institute in order for the planned projects, as well as newly established projects move forward. Quite a few of the Armenian community has helped ARPA and we are thankful for them all. Now is the time for those who have never donated, to please be generous and donate as much as you possibly can. There are talented graduate students and young scientists who have lost their jobs due to the terrible COVID-19 and ARPA Institute is proposing a new project to help them to provde for themselves, while at the same time carrying out the research studies they love to pursue. HELP ARPA HELP ARMENIA IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. BE AN ANGEL!
DONATE: http://arpainstitute.org/donation/
ARPA Institute Board of Directors

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