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La Turquie prépare l’invasion du Nagorny (Haut) Karabagh (Artzakh de son nom arménien)

Le 03/08/2020 | Par | Catégorie: MÉDIA


By David Matevosian

Since world leaders are busy with the desperate struggle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey rushes to extend its influence over the East Mediterranean, the South Caucasus and Middle East. Neither indignation of neighbor countries, nor the sanctions of the USA annoyed not only with Turkey’s purchases of Russian weapons, but also with excessive aggressive activity of Ankara.

A ‘Mavi vatan’ or ‘Blue Homeland’ term which symbolizes Turkish military ambitions concerning Greece, Cyprus and Egypt hardly leaves pages of Turkish tabloids. Iraqi parliament has raised the issue on the Turkey’s illegal military presence in Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraqis are afraid of another ‘Peace Corridor’ established by Turks, similar to the Northern Syria Buffer Zone. At the same time, constant movement of Syrian fighters in the Idlib region has been happening with involvement of Turkish militaries. Although Turkey has been transporting part of them into Libya to support the Government of National Accord.

In addition, Ankara participates actively in the periodically erupting Armenian Azeri conflict in Nagorno Karabakh. During each aggravation of relations, Turkey persistently takes the side of Baku. This time Turkish parliament urged the global community to react against Armenia’s ‘unlawful acts’ and recalled the principle ‘one nation, two states.’ A statement also highlights the interest in resol…

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