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La mine d’or d’Amulsar : plusieurs manifestants contre , arrêtés

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VAYOTS DZOR – Several activists were arrested on August 4, in a tense standoff near the Amulsar mountain for blocking the road in protest against Lydian International’s controversial gold mining project, amid fears that the foreign owned entity has resumed operations in spite of heavy opposition by the general public.

The company’s new management group elevated their security in recent days against peaceful protesters resulting in several arrests. According to the Armenian Environmental Front, Lydian’s Turkish investors are highly interested in the exploitation of the Amulsar Gold Mine.

It was reported in days leading up to the arrests, that Lydian tore down resistance posts  with large cranes at nighttime without any notification, replacing them with Lydian posts and claiming that the land belongs to the corporation. The Mayor of Jermuk, in a signed letter, stated that the land does not belong to Lydian and is in fact public property. In a February-March 2020 poll conducted by CRCC Armenia, 53% of Armenia’s citizens stated that they were against the mining, and 19% were in favor.

For two years …..


Le gisement d’or Amulsar est le deuxième plus grand gisement d’or en Arménie, contenant environ 31 millions de tonnes de minerai et 40 tonnes d’or pur. Il est situé au sud-est du pays, à 13 km de la station balnéaire de Jermuk, entre les rivières Arpa et Vorotan.

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