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The Central Executive would like to announce the details surrounding the AYF-YOARF Commemorative Olympic Ad Book. The Central Executive will be publishing a Commemorative Olympic Ad Book in place of the Worcester 2020 Olympic Ad Book. This ad book will highlight the 86 year history of the Games and serve as a critical fundraiser for the 2021 AYF year. The AYF-YOARF organizes events for the community, relying on the revenue from the annual Olympics to fund these activities. Unfortunately, the ongoing global pandemic has prevented us all from coming together in-person in Worcester this year, and as a result, the AYF-YOARF is facing an unprecedented financial shortfall of over $90,000 for the upcoming year.

Ads can be submitted at the Ad Book website,​ and will be delivered through mail. Details on pricing for ads can be found below:

Full-Color Gold Page Business Ad – Plus Receive Special Perks​! – $1000

The heart of our commemorative ad book is its Gold Pages. Widely read and vibrant, your ad is
noticeable and pops in full color on a full page beautifully! Includes a gold border surround.

A Gold Page Ad includes:

Your company name, logo and verbiage on a full page ad
Custom AYF Glass Set

Full Color Full Page Ad​ – $500

Includes photo(s), logo(s), artwork, drawings and your message!

Full Page Black & White Ad​ – $300

Includes photo(s), logo(s), artwork, drawings and your message!

Half Page Black & White Ad​ – $150

Includes logo(s), artwork, drawings and your message, but no photos are allowed.

Be A Page Friend – Black & White​ – $125

Placement is at the discretion of editors. Your message will include: Your personal or company name, city and state only.

Cheering Section – 1/8 Black & White​ – $100

Let the AYF know you support them! This 1/8 page ad includes verbiage only, so no logo, drawing or photos are allowed. Due to space restrictions, we must limit the text to name, city and state only.

Athletes Section – ​$25

Donate your typical Olympics app fee!
Name and chapter, current AYF members only.

More details regarding ads (including picture previews of each ad) can be found on the Ad Book website.


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