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Des dons pour nettoyer les mines

Le 24/10/2019 | Par | Catégorie: ARCHIVES


Far away from the tech expos taking place in Yerevan, is the Mengelenata 2B minefield, which threatens the lives of over 300 people who live nearby, and an 18th century monastery, in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

The international attention Armenia has been receiving recently won't reach this corner of the country, unless we do something! 

We're re-launching our efforts to clear the last minefield at Kavak Monastery. Thanks to you, the campaign is already 90% funded!

$5,400 is all we need to make sure local deminers employed by The HALO Trust can clear this minefield once and for all. The best part? An anonymous donor is matching all donations! Let’s give this corner of Armenia the attention it deserves.


Why is landmine clearance so critical to Artsakh’s future?
Check out these sobering stats:

Landmines are a huge hindrance to Artsakh's development. By removing them, we make the land safe. Safe land means more economic activity and transportation, which means more productivity, investment, and tourism down the line. 

Your donations to this campaign will give 5 communities in Artsakh's Hadrut Province the peace of mind they deserve to worship freely at their local monastery, and to use the land surrounding it productively.

Click through to learn more about this campaign, and to access our project and budget sheets—transparency is our #1 value! 

source : OneArmenia

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