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Ararat : La suite du génocide de 1915 « Les voix du génocide de 1918 ,dans les villes de Khoy, Salmas, Ourmia, Makhu , Gharadagh

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The Ararat-Eskijian Museum and

The National Association for Armenians Studies (NAASR),


Voices from the Hidden Genocide of 1918:

Stories of the Turkish Massacre of Armenians in Persia–Iran

by Dr. Rosemary Hartounian Cohen

Independent Researcher

The lecture is dedicated to the memory of Janet Samuelian

Admission free (Donations appreciated) Reception following program


For more information call the Ararat-Eskijian Museum at 747- 500-7584

or e-mail


Copies of the book “Voices from the Hidden Genocide of 1918” will be available for purchase.


The massacre of Armenians that occurred in northern Persia in 1918 was a
continuation of the Armenian Genocide, which began in 1915 in the
Ottoman Empire. The aim of this book is to commemorate the 101
years of this forgotten massacre and remembering the victims. The book
contains the words and the stories of the 27 survivors of this massacre that took
place in the cities of Khoy, Salmas, Urmia, Maku, Gharadagh and many of the
surrounding villages. This book contains the words and the stories of the
survivors of this massacre. The author’s grandmother, Arousiak, and mother,
Liana, were the sole survivors of the massacre that took place in the city of
Khoy, Persia (now Iran), in 1918.
Dr. Rosemary Hartounian Cohen is a sociologist who earned her doctorate
degree at the Sorbonne in Paris. She is an accomplished artist and an award-
winning author. She is fluent in many languages and has lived in several
countries, studying their traditions, literature and religions.

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