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d’Elizabeth à Washington : la chambre des représentants adopte l’amendement CHU

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ANCA Applauds Overwhelming Bipartisan House Passage of Chu Amendment to Strengthen Artsakh Cease-Fire




Chu House Passage




— Strong Backing for Royce-Engel Peace Proposal Promotes Accountability along the Artsakh Line-of-Contact

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. House overwhelmingly adopted the Chu Amendment endorsing the bipartisan Royce-Engel peace proposal for Artsakh, a three-part, ANCA-backed plan to deploy gunfire locators, add observers, and withdraw snipers, heavy arms, and new weaponry from the Artsakh line-of-contact.

"The campaign of terror against the people of Artsakh must end," Rep. Chu told the ANCA following House passage of her measure. "That's why I introduced my amendment to support the cease-fire strengthening proposals originally put forward by House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel and his predecessor, Ed Royce. The Royce-Engel proposals include gunfire locators, new observers, and a ban on snipers, heavy arms, and new weaponry along the line-of-contact. Adopting them is necessary for ensuring those who violate the peace are caught and stopped, and that is what my amendment encourages. I am pleased it was adopted in the NDAA and hope to see these proposals implemented," …

Elizabeth / ANCA


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