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Les USA vont verser 26 millions de $ à l’Arménie

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Ce montant de 26 millions de $ est à comparer aux milliards versés à Israel, l'Egypte (1 milliard 500 millions) , la Turquie, le Bengla Desh…

Bien sûr l'Arménie est un petit pays peu peuplé mais l'écart avec les montants versés à Israel ou le Bengla Desh est impressionnant !

"The United States is increasing its financial aid to Armenia. US Ambassador Richard Mills said Armenia is going to receive about $26 million in 2019. That's $20 million more than initially planned. The money will be designated for civil society programs, independent media, trade expansions, and Armenia's IT sector.


Also from the United States, National Security Advisor John Bolton will be visiting Russia and three Caucasus nations (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) later this month. Bolton tweeted that he wants to discuss how to advance American interests on a range of security issues.


In health news, more and more young men in Armenia are suffering strokes. Experts are looking into men ages 20-30 years old. The head of Armenia's Association of Neurology uses taxi drivers who work 14-16 hours a day as an example. He says their irregular work schedules and harmful habits like smoking can lead to a stroke. Since healthcare is not free in …

source : TheArmenianWeekly

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