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Le réalisateur de « The Promise » Terry George va recevoir le prix « Freedom » au gala de l’ANCA à New York le 13 Octobre 2018

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Ken Sarajian du New Jersey va recevoir le prix Vahan Cardashian (lire Vahan Cardashian's case par Vartkes Yeghiayan) le 13 Octobre 2018 à New York.

et le réalisateur de "The Promise", Terry Geoge  va recevoir le prestigieux prix "Freedom".

 Some of the community's most remarkable figures are slated to receive awards at the annual ANCA Gala in New York City, which will take place October 13. Notably, Ken Sarajian of New Jersey, will be awarded the Vahan Cardashian Award. Sarajian has dedicated his life to the Armenian Cause, and has inspired so many young people to get involved. When asked about his incredible achievements, he responded humbly, “I am just lucky to know people who do stuff. Isn’t that wonderful?”

In addition to Sarajian, 'The Promise' Director Terry George will be receiving the ANCA's prestigious Freedom Award. "“Hollywood doesn’t make films like this anymore," George told ANCA's Michelle Hagopian of the film, "I admire the passion of the Armenian community and having the possibility to create this was important." 

And below, you'll find a link to our latest news from the 2018 Leo Sarkisian interns, who have just wrapped up a productive summer in our nation's capital. 

source : ANCA

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