Comment ça marche un lobby politique , quel que soit le parti Démocrates ou Républicains


Did you know that the ANCA advances issues of special concern to Armenian Americans by engaging with elected officials, decision-makers, interest groups, and concerned citizens across the American political and policy landscape – left to right, hawks and doves, Democrats and Republican? 

Here are some examples of how the ANCA, amid all the divisiveness of modern American civic life – finds common ground with a remarkably diverse set of stakeholders on our core Armenian American foreign policy priorities, freedom for Artsakh, justice for the Armenian Genocide, and stronger U.S.-Armenia relations. 

Foreign policy hawks (who prioritize hard power): Enforcing U.S. sanctions against Turkey over its increasingly anti-American conduct. 

Foreign policy doves (who prioritize diplomacy): Supporting the pro-dialogue U.S.-Artsakh Travel and Communication Resolution. 

Genocide and atrocities prevention community (lead by the FCNL/Quakers): Adopting the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act…..

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