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Déminer avec Arsène

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"Meet Arsen. When he isn’t posing like a statuesque Greek god, he is out there saving the world. We aren’t kidding!

Arsen is a deminer with The HALO Trust and is one of the 2 trained paramedics on his team. For the last 8 years, come rain or shine, Arsen has been working on an active minefield, clearing landmines and unexploded ordnance, always ready in case there’s an emergency.

His job is no cakewalk. But he looks forward to the day when his community can use this land. As Arsen puts it,

“When this land is cleared, children can come here and play. This will make us happy. Families can have picnics under the trees near the water knowing that these lands are safe.”

Working in these fields is a risk Arsen and his team take everyday, for the safety of their communities. Help them finish the job."

source : OneArmenia


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