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Déminage en Artzakh (Haut Karabagh) avec OneArmenia

Le 13/06/2018 | Par | Catégorie: POLITIQUE


Artzakh (Karabagh)has one of the highest landmine casualty rates per capita in the world, and about 26% of its population lives under the poverty line. In the southeastern province of Hadrut, the beautiful but mine-riddled monastery of Kavakavank lies largely forgotten.

Our new Jobs Not Mines campaign, in partnership with The HALO Trust, aims to tackle several problems all at once.

We will train and deploy local demining teams over the next two years, providing them with a steady, higher-than-average income, as they work to clear the last remaining minefield near Kavakavank.

With higher salaries, the deminers can afford to buy more goods and services in their own communities, recycling their earnings into the local economy of Artsakh.

Once mine-free, the monastery, which offers a 360 degree panorama of southeastern Artsakh and Iran, has the potential to attract tourists and revenue .

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