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Claude Mutafian le 7 avril 2018 à l’Ararat-Eskijian Museum pour une conférence « De l’Ararat aux Carpathes (Roumanie, Pologne,Ukraine de l’ouest)

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April 3 , 7:30 pm, Merdinian School Boolghoordjian Hall  , Sherman Oaks
Saturday April 7th, 5PM
Ararat-Eskijian Museum/Sheem Chapel 15105 Mission Hills Rd. Mission Hills Ca 91345
A talk by Dr. Claude Mutafian
"From Ararat to the Carpathians"




Claude Mutafian livre un panorama saisissant de la diaspora arménienne d'Europe carpatique, qui met l'accent sur la grande richesse des échanges culturels entre les cultures locales.

Among the numerous Armenian Diasporas around the world, the one in Carpathian Europe covers present Rumania, Western Ukraine, and Eastern Poland. It is particularly little known, perhaps because most of the Armenian population living there has been mostly assimilated. Since the end of WW II, one notices an important revival, so that it is time to launch a general study of that subject. We shall try, as much as possible, to answer the following questions: when and why did Armenian communities settle in that area, what were their routes, what have been their relations with the other ethnic groups, what did they bring to the various local cultures?

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