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A Nice au complexe Barsamian , le chanteur international Marten Yorgantz , le 20 Juillet 2014

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yorgantzA Nice, sur la Cote d'Azur, le chanteur international de varietes Marten Yorgantz se produira le 20

 Juillet sur la scene du complexe Barsamian , 279 boulevard de la Madeleine 06200 Nice .

 telephone : 04 93 44 44 03

fax : 04 93 44 41 14


la bio de Marten Yorgantz :

Marten Yorgantz (born a June 24,  in Istanbul) is a popular French-Armenian singer and composer. He is recognized as the most popular Armenian singer in Europe.

He recorded 24 albums in different languages, mostly in Armenian, Italian and French. Among his well-known hits are "Chkuytik", "Hayi Achker", "Hayeren Ergenk", "Ayp, Pen, Kim", "Ay Maral Maral", "Partir pour ne plus revenir" and others. In 1980 he opened a restaurant at Saint Georges[disambiguation needed], in the heart of Paris, where he regularly sings.

In 1976, he opened a second restaurant called Cappadocia in the Armenian populated Alfortville district outside of Paris.

After the Spitak earthquake he gave about 100 concerts for the Armenian children.


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Golden micro, France, 1967
Gold medal of Karot festival, Moscow, 2008[

Yorgantz for Children, 1992
Armenia 2006, 2006
The Best (Armenian Music Center), 2007


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The Official Yorgantz site


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