Mariam Mkrtchyan (Armenia) under-18 years old world chess champion

Mariam Mkrtchyan

A member of Armenia's women's chess team, Armenia's champion Mariam Mkrtchyan won the Under-18 World Championship. In the 9th and penultimate game of the Under-18 Women's World Chess Championships in Romania, the defending champion of Armenia, Mariam Mkrtchyan, faced the representative of Poland, Martina Vikar, with pieces black and won, securing the title of world champion one day from the end of the competitions. Mariam Mkrtchyan won all 10 sets and has 10 points to her credit. A brilliant victory and a world title for the representative of Armenia. Krikor…

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Armenia as seen by Entreprendre magazine

Entreprendre : L’Arménie seule au monde, face à l’Azerbaïdjan et à la Turquie

On the night of September 12 and 13, Azerbaijan shelled several positions in eastern and southeastern Armenia. Armenia is responding somehow. Azerbaijan has gained ground. In all, nearly 500 dead on both sides, including villagers. After the declarations of the UN, the European Union, France, the Vatican, and other countries, for a call for a ceasefire, and, apart from any condemnation of the Azeri invasion, Azerbaijan and Turkey are massing their troops to invade eastern and southern Armenia. Shedding light on an imminent invasion for Armenia, facing the rest of…

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Kéghart : Diplomatic Failures

Keghart 25 septembre 2022   Diplomatic Failures Prelude Further Losses -The latest Azerbaijani invasion on the sovereign territories of the Republic of Armenia (RoA) on September 13 revealed new realities in the South Caucasus. September 15, 2022…….. – First of all, he highlighted the unprecedented decline of the Russia – RoA relationship ……….. – The second reality is that the United States shows a greater interest in the South Caucasus, but it is not willing to get directly involved in the management of conflicts in the region…….. … – The third…

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CHENE Association : Support for Armenia and Artsakh


Support for Armenia and Artsakh Since September 13, 2022, Azerbaijan has been carrying out a large-scale aggression on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia. In defiance of all international law and without fear of sanctions, the expansionist and pan-Turkist policy of Azerbaijan and its ally, Turkey, has therefore reached a new level in the weakening of Armenia. Conscious, since the first war in Artsakh, of the existential stakes of the delimitation and the defense of the territory, the association CHÉNE was formed with the aim of bringing its…

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