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Une liste des propriétés du 2ème pdt d’Arménie Robert Kotcharian

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circule sur Facebook , mais : First Zvartnots International Airport (l'aéroport de Yérévan, Arménie) , VivaCell-MTS et "Naïri Medical Center" ont déclaré que le second président d'Arménie n'avait pas de parts dans leurs sociétés d'après le journal  Hraparak (Place).

en anglais :

EREVAN. – First Zvartnots International Airport of capital city Yerevan, and then VivaCell-MTS and Nairi Medical Center have stated that Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan has no shares in them, according to Hraparak (Square) newspaper .

“According to our information, these statements have angered the incumbent authorities, and they are thinking about counteractions.

“They will soon publicize—probably through any channel—the list of all of R. Kocharyan’s assets, which [the list] will be difficult to refute.

“Furthermore, works are being carried out toward his circles. In particular, criminal cases may be filed against those who stand with him today.

“By the way, R. Kocharyan has given an interview to Russian NTV channel, and it will go on air tonight,” wrote Hraparak.

Second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan has been charged within the framework of the criminal case into the tragic events that transpired in capital city Yerevan on March 1 and 2, 2008—and under Article 300.1 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code; that is, breaching Armenia’s constitutional order, in conspiracy with others.

On July 27, Kocharyan was remanded in custody for two months by a court decision. But on August 13, the Court of Appeal granted Robert Kocharyan’s legal defenders’ appeal to commute the first-instance court’s decision on remanding their client in custody, and Kocharyan was released from courtroom on the grounds that he has presidential immunity.

On March 1 and 2, 2008, the then authorities used force against the opposition members who were rallying in downtown Yerevan, and against the results of the recent presidential election. Eight demonstrators as well as two servicemen of the internal troops were killed in the clashes. But no one had been brought to account for these deaths, to this day.

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