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21ème festival international du film ARPA du 2 au 4 nov. 2018 à Hollywood

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Les candidatures sont ouvertes :

Join us for yet another journey into the diverse universe of independent cinema celebrating the 21st successful year of the Arpa International Film Festival on November 2-4, 2018 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Les gagnants de l'année 2017 : 

à remarquer "Dalida" probablement un biopic qui nous a échappé en France

La présidente d'Affma , Sylvia Minassian : 

Sylvia Minassian was born in Istanbul, Turkey and came to the US in 1960. She attended California State University in Fresno (Fresno State College), and completed post-graduate work at Clairmont University and UCLA.  With a teaching credential in French and Spanish, Mrs. Minassian embarked on a career in education at Carlsbad High School in Southern California. Other professional highlights include being the first female representative ever hired by Gillette Co.

She is married to Dr. Haig Minassian and they have 3 children – Levon, Lori, and Melissa – and three grandchildren.  For over 25 years during her professional career and while raising her family, she volunteered for such organizations and educational institutions as AGBU (Ladies Auxiliary Chairperson); ChildHelp USA (Vice-Chairperson); Alex Pilibos High School Special Events and Educational Committees; and numerous schools and medical societies. Mrs. Minassian continues her philanthropic work through AFFMA, a non-profit 501 (3) (c) organization.

Arpa Foundation for Film, Music and Art (AFFMA) is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization, formed in 1995 for the purpose of promoting the arts and enhancing the cultural environment of our community by supporting artists who bridge the cultural divide, unifying diverse people and cultures through the arts.[1]

Over the years, AFFMA has been supporting a spectrum of artists, including filmmakers, writers, photographers, dancers, designers, actors and musicians, through its signature annual event Arpa International Film Festival held in HollywoodCalifornia since 1997.Arpa Film Festival is one of the oldest independent film festivals in Hollywood providing a safe ground for international filmmakers with unique independent artistic vision. AFFMA is expanding cultural diversity and social understanding by organizing networking events, concerts, art exhibits, book signings, fashion shows, and music performances as well.

source : wikipedia

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