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A Londres 28 et 29 Octobre 2017 : Atelier Professionel « Fest Film Lab » faire un film

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Gareth Wiley's Production and financing Workshop (London, UK, 28-29 October 2017)


25% Discount until 23rd of October!



This will be an absolutely unique opportunity to develop your skills in film production and financing with one of the most revered professionals in activity. You will have an educational experience of excellence in a small and intimate group of only 25 participants maximum, with no less than Gareth Wiley, winner of aGolden Globe for Producing "Vicky Cristina Barcelona": Gareth’s second Golden Globe nomination in four years, having been previously nominated in 2006 for his first collaboration with Woody Allen, “Match Point”.


This 2 days intensive workshop is strictly limited to 25 participants maximum, we advise to register fast to guarantee your place. The workshop fee is 499 GBP, but until the 23rd of October we will have an Discount of 25%, costing only 374,99 GBP. The workshop will take place in London, UK, in the 28th and 29th of October 2017.

For more information and to register please visit the workshop's page.

Gareth has been working as a film producer & executive producer for over a decade.


Since 2004, he has produced independent feature films with budgets totalling over $100 million including four with Woody Allen. Having persuaded the New Yorker to move his 2004 movie to London the collaboration grew until in January 2009 he won a Best Picture Golden Globe for Woody’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. This was Gareth’s second Golden Globe nomination in four years, having been previously nominated in 2006 for his first collaboration with Woody Allen, “Match Point”.

In 2013, Gareth launched a new online film finance tool, This online application makes all Gareth’s proprietary film financing modelling tools available to the industry as a whole and has been widely praised. Users now include Oscar® & Golden Globe® winning producers and film students alike. Affordable and sophisticated, but easy to use, ScreenAdvantage® allows producers to present professional finance plans and allows financiers to understand at a glance the structure being proposed.

Prior to moving into film full time, Gareth enjoyed fifteen years working in international banking and finance with some of the world’s leading banking institutions, including, Salomon Brothers & UBS Warburg.

Gareth studied Business with Economics & Law, before starting his working life as a banker in February 1985. A fascination with the creative process resulted in an involvement in film finance and production as early as 1993. Prior to working with Woody Allen, he maintained a career in investment banking (working in London, Hong Kong and the United States) in parallel with an increasing involvement in film production and finance. In 2002 committed himself to working exclusively in film and other creative businesses (including setting up a Grammy nominated classic record label).

Participant Profile:

The workshop designed for, Film Producers, Film Financiers, Film Investors, Directors, Film Students, or anyone interested in entering the Film Business on the area of Film Production.


Duration: 2 days, 16 hours

Dates: 28-29 October, 2017

Location: London, UK

Price: 499 GBP (374.99 GBP until 23rd of October)

Maximum number of participants: 25


This workshop will focus on a diversity of topics of the art of production of a film. You will have the chance of not only receiving this knowledge from Gareth Wiley, but also interact, as the group will have up to 25 participants, making it extremely practical and interactive. You will also have the opportunity to assess the issues you encountered on your own work and the projects you have worked on or will work, and receiving the feedback to unblock situations in the future.


• Project scouting and script analysis, the producer’s role in the choice of projects
• Reading, researching and assessing ideas and finished scripts
• Commissioning writers or securing the rights to novels, plays or screenplays
• Hiring key staff, including a director and a crew
• Managing creativity/creative management
• Writing a good synopsis and business plan
• Making and maintaining your contacts
• Supervising the progress of the project from development to post production


• The film value chain
• Structure of a business plan
• Preparing sales estimates and income streams
• Financing Strategies. Accessing funds: Public (regional national, pan-national); Private.
• Tax-efficient finance vehicles; Enterprise Investment Schemes
• Targeting investors
• Liaising and discussing projects with financial backers
• Profit participation
• Co-productions
• Key negotiation points explained
• Making and maintaining your contacts
• Supervising the progress of the project from development to post production


Into the world
• How sales agents work
• The role of film markets

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